Why is Art important to us?

Why Is Art Important

    Many ask; why is Art important? Here's a few reasons: it makes our lives more interesting, allows us to tell stories visually and share the way we see the world, cultivates an inspiring environment and helps define our culture. When you create a work of art, you reflect on yourself and your own experiences as well as those of others around you.

    Art is an important part of our evolving world, and we use it to express different ideas in ways that captivate others. There are so many different media and materials that can be used to create works of art, which is why it is used as a form of expression in many cultures around the world, not only in the United States, but also in other countries. 

Why Art is Important

Art Deco - Why is Art important? Art is in our world, through architecture.      

    Art is a broad word that is used to roughly include the various forms out there, but there are some examples of different art forms. People value art in many ways, not just in the United States, but around the world. 

   Some like to be directly involved in the creation of art and artists, while others like to experience and appreciate the art of an artist. 

    Art plays a major role in how people see and interact with each other and the world in general. It surrounds our lives with people and places, whether we are aware of it or not. 

    The majority of us do not know what role art plays in our lives or what art form or form we rely on, but when we are surrounded by it, the human race will never be what we know through it. It gives us ideas, ideas that have been shaped by our culture and that form the basis for our convictions and the ideas of our friends and family, as well as our relationships with each other. 

    If we take a look at humanity's past, we can see that some of the earliest art forms we have learned about have been painted on ancient walls, which provide us with a lot of information about the history of humanity and the world around us. With the passing of time, a new form of art emerged, which today is considered to be the most beautiful form of the performing arts. 

Why Art is important

Political Art - Why is Art important? Art is in our politics (Obama campaign poster - by Obey)

    It is not a new idea that art is at the center of human experience, and it is what makes people understand things that cannot be done verbally. Although historians do not agree on when poetry was first practiced, my personal favorite form of art has always been poetry, especially in its original form, the poetry of poetry. 

   It helps us appreciate beauty, expands our worldview, enriches our depth of emotional understanding, and improves our understanding of the world around us. 


Importance of Art

    The creation of art is a collective activity and requires a group of artists and an audience. Art reflects our cultural values, beliefs and identities and contributes to preserving the many different communities that make up the world. Arts are a shared experience and are needed by all groups, from artists to audiences, to thrive. 

    For artists, including musicians, dancers, painters, and writers, creating and performing a work of art is a cathartic experience that also provides a sense of achievement. Even the lonely painter or poet relies on the craft of paint - makers or bookbinders - to create art. 

Why is Art Important

 Advertisement Mural Art (NoLita, NYC) - Why is Art important? Art is in our Ads   

    For some artists, the only way to express feelings and thoughts is sometimes to immerse yourself in the process of creating something. For others, mental clarity in a given situation only comes from getting involved in something artistic. There are numerous studies that show that people feel better after they have created art or simply in the presence of something art - related. 

    The purpose of a work of art can be to convey political, spiritual, or philosophical ideas, create a sense of beauty for those who see aesthetics, explore the essence of perception for pleasure, generate strong emotions, and so on.

    More recently, thinkers influenced by Martin Heidegger have interpreted art as a medium of self-expression and interpretation through which the community develops the means for itself. The philosopher Richard Wollheim describes the essence of art: "The meaning is shaped by the means the artist intends to use, the forms he or she uses, and the ideas and feelings that arise for the viewer. 

Why is Art important

Podcast Cover Art - Why is Art important? Art is on albums and podcasts covers.

   Decorative art gives aesthetic and creative value to the objects we use every day, such as glass and chairs or objects in our homes and offices.

    Art therapy is a relatively new form of therapy that focuses on the therapeutic benefits of art - using different methods and theories. With the introduction of conceptual art and postmodern theory, it was proved that everything can be called art. 


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