Why Kaws Figures Are So Popular

    One word, HYPE. The amount of hype around Kaws Figures is quite impressive. But let's get this straight, it's not temporary hype, Kaws figures have been the talk of the town when it comes to art toys for quite some time now.

    Sneaker culture loves Kaws figures and they collect them religiously. Designer art toys lovers cannot have a complete art toy collection without at least one Kaws figures in the collection. The artist behind KAWS figures is Brian Donnelly

    Then there's celebrities, many celebrities have massive Kaws figures in their homes, from Pharrell, Drake to Swizz Beats and more. Needless to say, celebrities love Kaws Figures.

    Even street artist Alec Monopoly himself is obsessed with Kaws work. If someone doesn't know what Kaws figures are, I can assure you they've seen them in various celebrities homes or instagram photos/stories when shared. Kaws figures are very well known, and not just amongst those in the art market.  

Kaws Figures

    Not only is the market large for Kaws figures, the prices they are fetching nowadays is quite impressive. Brian Donnelly formally known as Kaws is not just a toy maker but primarily a traditional artist. Despite everyone mostly knowing him for his figures. In fact, some people don't even know the Kaws design comes from Brian, some believe they're just rare toys sneaker heads collect.

What Are KAWS Figures?

    An illustrator by trade, Brian Donnelly is the man behind the cross-eyed mask. In the 1990s, New York City was plastered with advertising, taking up a great deal of physical space which could otherwise be employed by street artists as canvases to spray paint on.

    Instead of relenting to back alleys or beneath bridges, Donnelly could"deface" billboards and bus stops, functioning in his characters like The Companion, Bendy and The Accomplice, in addition to the nickname KAWS. 

Kaws Dolls

Astro Boy - KAWS Figure / Value: $6000 / credit: StockX 

    Some may speculate that KAWS isn't quite as literal as it sounds; The Companion, for example, has a propensity to be depicted covering its surface, which shows a comparable cross detail about the rear part of its hands. A skull personality pulling its hands on its surface to show longer "departure" does not look optimistic. 

    A similar opinion also appears to use because of his animated skull personalities. The artist has said in interviews he wants his characters to be this universal, they are immediately clear to his audience, regardless of their cultural histories. 

Kaws Toys

 Kaws Companion Sculptures in Amserdamn 

    For an extensive in-depth overview on everything when it comes to Kaws figures, check out our guide on them. We cover everything from how to acquire a toy, what to do and not due. How to avoid scams and do research on a toy's value depending on the version of the figure - Kaws Figures Guide

Why are Kaws Toys so expensive?

    As mentioned earlier, Kaws aka Brian Donnelly is a reputable and established fine artist. His work has funds hundreds of thousands of dollars through various auctions at Christies, Hertiage Auctions and more. Art can be on the pricey side sometimes, this is obvious.

    But in regards to his figures, they're still art .. don't make the mistake thinking these can be viewed as regular toys. You don't see celebrities, collectors and storing these toys in a dusty garage! Kaws figures are usually taken care off because of their collectible value and market demand. With all that being said, I think you can understand why these figures can fetch some high prices at times. 

Kaws Darth Vader

Darth Vader - Kaws Figure / Value: $27,000 / credit: StockX 

    It's all about demand, the more demand grows for Kaws as an artist and his figures, the higher the value of his work will go. Brian's artwork is usually valued much higher than his figures, because Kaws figures are much more accessible compared to Kaws traditional artwork.

    Figure prices are determined by three various factors, firstly the size of the Kaws figures, some figures are life size. After considering size, you have to consider the version and scarcity of the Kaws figure.

    These three factors with a little bit of research is all you need in order to find out what you're wanting cost or possibly what you should be asking for when considering to sell. By the way, please be CAREFUL .. these figures are very easy to replicate.

    Review our guide and do extensive research in order to avoid falling victim of a fake. After all, a Kaws figure can be seen as a small diverse investment, maybe not a liquid one but a small investment nonetheless. 

Kaws Figures Collection

Large collection of Kaws Figures mixed with Bearbricks - Check out our guide on everything Bearbricks



This is NOT Investing or Financial advice, we're sharing our opinions respectfully from a speculative point of view.

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