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    Yoshitomo Nara graduated from Aichi University of the Arts with a master's degree in 1987, finishing further studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, from 1988 to 1993, before settling in Cologne in 1994. This time period was a pivotal effect on Nara, where he started synthesizing Western and Japanese popular culture, as noticed in Nachtwandern (1994), and when he came in his older style, as noticed at Pony Tail (1995) and Haze Days (1998).

    Nara's paintings enact a momentary existence between the figure and the floor --a consequence of many layers of paint subtly diverse if subdued pigments he applies through the painting procedure --where the figure pops out from or floats at a place which seems to exist beyond the limits of time.

Why is Yoshitomo Nara So Famous? 

    Yoshitomo Nara's paintings enact a momentary existence between the figure and the floor --a consequence of many layers of paint subtly diverse if subdued pigments he applies through the painting procedure --where the figure pops out from or floats at a place which seems to exist beyond the limits of time. 

    Influenced by popular songs, memories of youth, and present affairs, he filters these testimonials via an exploratory kingdom of feelings, isolation and rebelliousness particularly, which interval instills as well as wider cultural sensibilities. His artwork is very unique and is an acquired taste, some may not like it .. others see the basic, simple form of it and think its genius. 

Yoshitomo Nara

 Angry Girl - Yoshitomo Nara  

    Nara's clinic is completely rooted in his psychological and psychological stimulation, the feelings of fascination triggered by what he sees and hears, along with his interest in literature. He had been strongly influenced by the songs he listened as a nine-year-old boy.

    Though a lot of the tunes were in foreign languages, he used his creativity to conquer the language barrier, internalizing the eyesight of this world portrayed on the album covers and comprehending the functions of art as though he had been inhabiting himself.

    Influenced by elements of popular culture such as anime, manga, Walt Disney animations, and punk rock, Yoshitomo Nara creates sculptures, paintings, and drawings of adorable-yet-sinister childlike characters. Painted with easy bold lines, primary colours, and place against empty backgrounds, these tiny kids and animals often talk about the canvas with text, knives, plants, and cardboard boxes, amongst other recurring elements. 

What Style Of Art Is Yoshitomo Nara? 

    He became a part of the Superflat set of artists. About 2001, Nara became linked to an avant-garde set of Japanese artists called Superflat, which also comprised Takashi Murakami and Chiho Aoshima. They used vivid colors, designs, and Japanese animation motifs to analyze the nation's hyper-marketed and hyper-consumerist civilization, which was mistrusted by Japanese childhood. 

    Yoshitomo Nara shortly became known among his Superflat peers because of his images of young kids. However if Nara's miniature subjects are not any angels, their competitive posturing is maybe an essential defence. As Nara formerly said of his job,'I sort of view the kids one of other, larger, poor people all about them, that are holding larger knives 

Yoshitomo Nara Art

Sleepless Night Sitting - Yoshitomo Nara

    Nara has been successful in his output over the last thirty decades, but whatever the selection of media that his artworks are always a portrayal of himself. Though a lot of Nara's contemporaries earn their work using the audience in mind, he generally generates his functions in a more private style; they arise out of a battle to express itself. 

    The characters depicted in his paintings have been born from his deep introspection along with also his layering and erasure of colours on the canvas; just the most genuine factors are permitted to remain.

    In Nara's photos, which he started exhibiting in the past few decades, the depiction of individual minutes in his art-making as well as his journeys as something irreplaceable shows that the artist's awareness of frugality supporting the entire world. All Nara's work is born from a religious, unending pursuit of this transcendental.

Why is Yoshitomo Nara's artwork so expensive? 

    Yoshitomo Nara's work is not cheap by any means, so if you find it for considerably cheap .. please be weary if what you're purchasing is authentic or not. To make things simple, I will only be referring to Nara's paintings as well as prints. Not any sort of collective items Nara also creates such as toys, children books and various other collectibles.

    Firstly understand that Nara is a blue chip represented artist. What does that mean? Blue chip is a term usually used in the stock market to refer to reputable/stable companies. Such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc .. you get the idea. This means Nara's work tends to hold its value because of his representation as well as his solo shows he's had all over the globe. Not just any artists in the world get to this level of exposure and recognition in the art world/market. 

Yoshitomo Nara Artwork

 Missing In Action - Yoshitomo Nara 

    Not all artists artwork sustains its value like blue chip represented artists, other blue chip represented artists such as Banksy, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring and others work experiences the same type of incline.

    I don't want to say any investment is guaranteed because that really is the truth. But when it comes to blue chip represented artists artwork .. its a pretty safe bet. This is one of the main reasons Nara's work has sustained an incline in price over the last few years. 

Where to buy Yoshitomo Nara artwork? 

    As mentioned earlier, please be careful where you purchase Nara's artwork, you don't want to become a victim of a fake. Your first bet is using Artsy, my number one spot to purchase authentic artwork online. Artsy is a directory which links artwork to auction houses, collectors, resellers and more.

   Auctions are a pretty safe way to acquire art, collectors and resellers is where you need to be careful. Don't just purchase, do some research about this reseller, contact them, look on art forums online, view their past sales. Understand the overall price range for Nara's artwork and know what certain artwork can be ranging around when it comes to price. 

    Hertiage Auctions and Phillips are both great auction houses with a constant circulation of Nara's work. Artsy as mentioned earlier is a spot you can speak to artwork reps and they can assist you with acquiring a certain artwork. Ebay you can venture to a good place to get a good price but this method should only be used by those who've been in the art market for a while.

    Artnet is also another reputable place to buy artwork with an array of selection when it comes to contemporary, though I don't link they have many subscriptions which in my opinion should be free. 


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