OWITY.com is an online Art gallery, we buy/sell and educate about fine contemporary art.

    Our main focus is to provide various guides on how to navigate the Contemporary Art market. That way, you too can educate yourself on how to gain exposure in the art market. 

    The Art market can be daunting for many starting out. For the longest time many have assumed buying investable art is only for the rich and wealthy. Most people assume making money from Art is only possible when purchasing a blue chip artist such as Monet, Rothko, or Da Vinci. Or perhaps a modern well known contemporary blue chip artist, such as Banksy or Damien Hirst.  

    These assumptions are wrong; and thats where we come in. 


    Here you will find all of our educational posts mixed into one. Guides, artist profiles; as well as new release news, market trends and much more.   


    All the art we are currently selling, you will find here. We only sell authentic Fine Art, all listings are from artist's who're established in the art market. Everything is priced in USD currency


    Our guides feature various how-to methods to navigate the contemporary art market. How to buy/sell, acquire various artists, spot authentic art, do in-depth analysis; and much more. 

Artist Profile's 

    There's many artists in the contemporary art market, we will share the blue chips as well as mid-tier and some upcoming artists. Artist profiles give you an idea about the artist, their art value, history and more. 

Why only Contemporary Art? 

   We wanted to focus on a specific niche part of the Art Market. The contemporary art market for the most part is more accessible than other traditional sectors in the art market.

Terms & Conditions 

    All information shared on OWITY.com is not financial advice

Our opinions on the art market and/or topics are respectfully ours and should not be taken as direct financial advice. 

Photos/Content use, all photographs are used in the intent to educate and promote said topic.

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