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Streetwear has expanded dramatically in the fashion industry in the past couple of years. A new section of the industry in itself has been introduced to us all, High End Streetwear. High End streetwear majorly started off in the early 90s, today it’s sort of mainstream. Today we’ll look at some of the most admired and influential High End streetwear brands in the industry.



Raf Simons is a brand you can spot every celebrity wearing nowadays, from Rihanna, Kanye West to Travis Scott. Simons debuted his first collection back in 1995. The Belgian designer has created a brand that has gained a cult type of following through the years. Just listen to ASAP Rocky’s anthem for the brand Please Don’t Touch My Raf. Making it one of the top streetwear brands out there.

Raf Simons logo - Streetwear Brands



Helmut Lang, the original Austrian fashion house, is one of the most influential brands to ever face the industry. Starting off in the early 90s, Helmut Lang has been a major influence to many designers, such as Raf Simons. Famous for their jeans, minimalistic clothing and unique designs, Helmut Lang has become one brand with some of the rarest and collectible archive pieces out there.


Off White is another brand like Vetements, it’s fairly new. Known for their signature construction pattern, Off White has made its name for itself as one of the top High-End streetwear brands. Creative Director Virgil Abloh seems to be dabbling into couture much more as of lately. But Off White will always be famous for its footprint in the Streetwear sector.


Found in 1988 by Belgian designer Maison Margiela, debuting their Women’s collection in 1989. Margiela didn’t bother with Menswear up until 1998. Margiela is most known for its unique sneaker designs, made with exotic animal skins and furs. The past 15 years, Margiela has become one of the leading brands in high-end streetwear.



Rick Owens is one brand every fashion head is well aware of. Known for its dark, grimy and loose clothing, Rick Owens is definitely a brand that acquires a certain taste. Many of Owens designs have been exhibited on the runway as art, Owens pieces are highly collectible.


ACNE stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions”, Acne Studios is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Famous for their jeans and simple, minimalistic clothing, Acne Studios is one brand every High end Streetwear fan should know.



Vetements, which means clothing in French, is a unique name for this fairly new brand. The Parisian fashion house debuted their first collection in Fall of 2014, Vetements is known for their ridiculous oversized clothing. New fashion brands usually have quite a tough time establishing themselves in the industry, not Vetements, they’ve received quite the PR buzz earlier on.



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